Wedding Present Ideas

Spring and summer bring about a flurry of weddings. That means that anyone who has friends or acquaintances of marrying age has to prepare for the possibility of buying a lot of gifts. When the couple has a wedding registry available, it can make the task a bit easier, but when the registry starts to get picked over, it can be hard to find something you actually want to purchase.

When you think about it, there are some basic groupings of gifts that commonly get purchased for newlyweds. Because the new couple will be starting out in a new home in many cases, it is common to buy items related to house and home. Depending on how well you know the couple, you might opt for going with something that is more fun than practical. In any case, you will want the gift you give to be appreciated and used by your friends.

Sometimes people like to buy something special for a newlywed couple’s bedroom. This might not be wise unless you are certain of how they will be decorating. Something like a comforter or drapes might seem like a thoughtful present, but if the item does not match the rest of the bedroom, it will probably not get put to use.

A relatively safe bet when buying wedding presents, is something for the kitchen. If the registry has been picked clean of these items, consider going for something fun that the couple might not have thought of on their own. A machine for making milkshakes can be a fun surprise, and the couple will probably put it to use if they enjoy the frozen dessert.

Although there are many very entertaining electronic devices available for purchase, buying one for newlyweds can be risky. Many married people bring their own electronic items with them to the relationship, so they do not really need all that much more.

Very young newlyweds may be starting out with very little in the way of home supplies. Even things like folding chairs might be appreciated by these folks. Take into consideration what basics the couple already owns, and then try to think of something practical that you know they will be excited to receive. You may be surprised how much they will appreciate not having to go out and buy even simple home basics.

Keep your perspective when buying for a new couple. What you like or want is not always appropriate for someone else. You need to consider what the couple actually will want and need as they start their new life. Older couples may not need as many practical gifts, as they may have each collected quite a few of the basics on their own over time.

Sometimes something quirky or uncommon can be a fun wedding present idea. Consider pitching in with someone else and buying the couple a special weekend package at come romantic venue. If that does not strike your fancy, think about paying to get them a membership to a gym or some other place they would both enjoy.

You will want whatever you buy for a newlywed couple to be appreciated and put to use. No one wants to find the gift they purchased for someone sitting on a yard sale table. Be thoughtful and consider what you know about the bride and groom. Then, build a present idea around it.