Debt Negotiation – How Professionals Are Able to Negotiate Debt Settlements

First of all, you need to know what does the term ‘debt negotiation’ refers to. During debt negotiation, professionals in the field engage in an effective interaction with the creditors to help you in paying back the credits. If you hire a professional, he or she would offer help during the entire process of debt negotiation. You may not be able to convince the creditors if you work on your own. Professionals would have years of experience in the field of debt negotiation and would know how to convince the creditors for your benefit by effective intercession by raising valid points. They will also do the job efficiently and quickly so that you do not have to spend much time in convincing and getting more profit.

Professionals would have years of experience and would have the required skills and exceptional knowledge in dealing with the credit card companies. They introduce valid points during the process of debt negotiation and convince the creditors that you are not able to pay back the entire amount due to the lack of money and the option of settlement would be the most appropriate method. You may have to submit a proof that shows your financial condition. The aim behind hiring a professional is to ensure maximum savings on the credit card arrears and they achieve this through industry knowledge gained from several years of experience in the industry.

Most of the professionals would have a strong financial background and would have thorough knowledge on various features of finance industry which they can utilise effectively during the process of debt negotiation. They are able to engage in an interactive session with the creditors for several hours by analysing and bringing in more points at the appropriate time. The process of debt negotiation is made easier because they would be having significant contacts with the people in credit card industry.

They also know how to be prepared for the debt negotiation with creditors. They would be well prepared with all the necessary documents so that they can submit a document when asked to. They will not stop bargaining till the interest rates are dropped significantly for the benefit of their clients. The interest rates would be lowered so that you can afford to pay them with your current financial situations. In other words, you will be utilizing their skills and industry experience for your benefit.

Transform Your Presentation Skills

Presenting seems to be an area that worries many people. It has been claimed that people fear presenting more than death. Presentations can be challenging but incredibly motivating when done successfully. So what can you do to transform your presentation skills?

Plan and prepare

You would not set out to cook a meal, take a vacation or trip or build something without planning and preparing. Presenting is no different. You need to plan and prepare thoroughly. Many people launch straight into writing. Start first by getting clear on the outcome you want for you and your audience. Start to sketch out some outlines. I have found mind maps to be extremely powerful during the design phase. Do some research about the presentation topic. You can do a search on Google, read a books or magazines, ask those that you are presenting for their input and research your audience.


You might be comfortable that you understand the topic on which you are presenting but you need to practice your presentation. By practice I mean presenting out loud. Start doing it alone, then get some colleagues or friends together who will give you honest and constructive feedback and if you can, try and do a run through in the specific venue where you will present.

Use Your Nervous Energy Positively

Just about everyone is nervous before they give a presentation and nerves are perfectly normal. You have two choices at this time. You can choose to allow the nerves to get in the way of you delivering a great presentation. Alternatively, you can use this nervous energy positively to deliver a great presentation. Doing some deep breathing just before a presentation can go a long way to transforming how you deliver your presentation.

Ask for Feedback

If you want to continually improve your presentation skills, ask for feedback. The feedback that you receive will help pinpoint areas where you are performing strongly and areas where you can be even more effective. When receiving feedback, remember not to fall into the common trap of giving all the focus to those areas where you need to be more effective. You want to make sure that you are exploiting your strengths to the maximum so that you get better and better.

Transformation does not happen overnight in any area but by following these simple steps, you can take your presentation skills to the next level.

Learn to Breathe Correctly: It Will Make Your Voice and Your Presentation Stand Out!

As a voice coach, the first thing I teach my clients is how to breathe with the support of the diaphragm. The reason is because you cannot discover your ‘real’ voice until you learn this simple technique.

When I discuss your ‘real’ voice, I am not talking about using different words or thoughts to make some psychological change to how you speak. I am talking about finding your ‘real’ sound. And, that ‘real’ sound comes from your chest cavity (the largest of your 5 vocal resonators) to produce a voice that is deeper in pitch, fuller in body, and mature in quality. The voice you are currently using is being produced by your other 4 resonators which include the cavities of your voice box, throat, mouth and nose.

Because most people breathe by means of the upper portion of the chest cavity – known as shallow or lazy breathing – and not the lower half, they are unable to make use of that large cavity as their primary sounding board.
All voices that have depth, resonance and a rich quality are being powered by the chest cavity. And those voices are reminiscent of James Earl Jones, Kathleen Turner, Kate Beckinsale, and George Clooney. The only difference between their voice and yours is in the placement of their sound. In fact, you may have a fantastic speaking voice; however, you will never know just how great it is until you learn to breathe with support and power your voice by means your chest resonator.

Another tremendous benefit of breathing with the support of your diaphragm is in the control of your nervousness in public speaking. There is nothing better that you can do physically than to allow your breathing to take control of your nervous jitters and put them to good use.

Nervousness can be either a nightmare or a blessing. When you allow it to work for you and not against you, you will benefit from the ‘fight’ response of nervousness in which your level of awareness will intensify, your sight will become sharper, and your perception of pain will be diminished. And this is exactly what you need if you want to be at your best when addressing an audience.

While breathing with the support of your diaphragm can have a tremendous effect on your speaking (and singing) voice as well as your presentation skills, it can also change your life in other respects because it is the most important thing you can do to eliminate stress in your life. Imagine something as simple as a diaphragmatic breath improving your life, both professionally and personally.