Learn to Stay in the Present

Why is it that we are constantly haunted by both the past and the future, even though they both have no power over the present moment we are experiencing? One has passed, is gone, the other has yet to happen. Yet we barely ever seem to exist purely in the moment, except for the really special moments, like when we are in love or we are experiencing a magnificent sunset. Those moments keep us in the present because in order to fully experience their magic, we must be in the here an now. Aren’t those moments some of the happiest and magical memories you’ve ever had? Wouldn’t you like to experience more? Here’s what I think might help you to spend more time in the moment.

Do the following technique to remain grounded in the present, leave those past and future problems where they belong.

The Present Fix

1. While in the midst of daily life, just stop, and ask yourself, “What can I see now?” A blue sky, children playing in the park, a passing bus. Look around you and see what you notice.
2. Next, ask yourself, “What can I feel?” Walk around and touch things, focus on how they feel, soft, smooth and warm. Drink in the feelings that each object stirs within you and dwell on the feelings.
3. Finally, ask yourself what is happening right now, in this moment.

Whenever you find yourself dwelling on past problems or thinking about the uncertainty of the future, pull your mind back to the present with this “present fix” technique.

Immerse yourself wholly in the present moment and put all your attention and focus on what you are doing right now. One of the reasons that time seems to fly the older we get is because we tend to have more to worry about, and as a result, sadly, we spend more and more time dwelling on past failures and regrets as well as fearing what the future might bring. We rarely spend much time in the present, and when one spends more time in the present, time seems to slow and your appreciation for things grows and you are filled with a feeling of being, of peace. Think about it, as children the summers seem to last an eternity, why is that? The reason is that we have no fear of the future, nor any regret of our past. We live purely in the moment, and that’s why everything is so magical when we are children. Don’t allow past and future to dilute these magical moments in the present. Turn off your phone sometimes, switch on some music, do the above technique. Allow time to slow, and just enjoy the beauty of being alive.

Debt Negotiation – How Professionals Are Able to Negotiate Debt Settlements

First of all, you need to know what does the term ‘debt negotiation’ refers to. During debt negotiation, professionals in the field engage in an effective interaction with the creditors to help you in paying back the credits. If you hire a professional, he or she would offer help during the entire process of debt negotiation. You may not be able to convince the creditors if you work on your own. Professionals would have years of experience in the field of debt negotiation and would know how to convince the creditors for your benefit by effective intercession by raising valid points. They will also do the job efficiently and quickly so that you do not have to spend much time in convincing and getting more profit.

Professionals would have years of experience and would have the required skills and exceptional knowledge in dealing with the credit card companies. They introduce valid points during the process of debt negotiation and convince the creditors that you are not able to pay back the entire amount due to the lack of money and the option of settlement would be the most appropriate method. You may have to submit a proof that shows your financial condition. The aim behind hiring a professional is to ensure maximum savings on the credit card arrears and they achieve this through industry knowledge gained from several years of experience in the industry.

Most of the professionals would have a strong financial background and would have thorough knowledge on various features of finance industry which they can utilise effectively during the process of debt negotiation. They are able to engage in an interactive session with the creditors for several hours by analysing and bringing in more points at the appropriate time. The process of debt negotiation is made easier because they would be having significant contacts with the people in credit card industry.

They also know how to be prepared for the debt negotiation with creditors. They would be well prepared with all the necessary documents so that they can submit a document when asked to. They will not stop bargaining till the interest rates are dropped significantly for the benefit of their clients. The interest rates would be lowered so that you can afford to pay them with your current financial situations. In other words, you will be utilizing their skills and industry experience for your benefit.

Learning the Art and Skill of Real Estate Negotiations

No skill better commands a higher gain than the art of negotiating. Whether you’re a real estate investor, lawyer, businessman, teacher or housewife even, negotiations are an integral part of living and are most definitely keys to success. Talk to a range of successful individuals and you’ll see that, for the most part, they have mastered the negotiating skill and can usually work things in their favor.

Not all people know how to negotiate but this skill can be learned by the person who has the willingness to study it. Coupled with the drive to succeed and a zest for learning, the individual who wishes to expand his horizons can open his doors to very fruitful real estate negotiations and deals that can change his life for the better. Not everyone is easy to deal with; hence, the art of negotiating will always come in handy as a person walks through the journey of life.

The art of negotiating is more complex than it seems. A successful negotiation is one wherein both parties can actually gain something of value. When one party loses while the other one wins, then the wrong negotiating tactics must have been employed. Good deals should always benefit both parties, as there may come a point in time when the person you’re dealing with, can greatly help you in the future.

Take the case of a real estate investor who wishes to sell a property and a buyer who is looking for a house to live in. This investor would most probably want to sell the house at a high price while the buyer would want quality and value for money. A give and take scenario will make both parties win in this situation. The real estate investor can command a high price if the house he is selling is in tip-top shape and in superb condition. The investor profits from the deal while the buyer gets the house of his dreams.

While negotiations are much more evident in real estate and business deals, they are unconsciously done every day. You do it when you’re haggling for the best deal on a second-hand car. You also do it when you’re having a job interview and want to be paid well for your expertise. It is a MUST-HAVE skill that people should learn. When done well, negotiating can translate into profits and a truly comfortable life.

Some individuals learn how to negotiate the right way when exposed to people from all walks of life. A career that allows a person to meet plenty of people greatly helps improve one’s negotiating strategies as well as readings good books and attending seminars about it. Online seminars are fantastic ways to learn the skill as these e-courses can be studied at a person’s own time and pace. There are plenty of resources in which one can learn the art of negotiating on the internet and all it takes is a considerable amount of time and dedication.

Even if you try to avoid it, negotiations are the real deal in getting what you want and providing a good future for your family. Once you learn the art of negotiating, it is a skill that you’ll always have for the rest of your life. It most certainly gives you a better advantage in whatever situation you’re in.